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How To Know If You Are Purchasing The Original Jewelry

The business of the jewelry sale is one of the riskiest because you never know when you’re purchasing a fake or original jewelry. The sellers are becoming smarter and they will not sell you the fake chains at a cheaper price because, for ages, the price has been a determining factor in distinguishing original from a fake. The article advises on the factors to be in your mind to ensure that you are not conned when purchasing any jewelry.

Be sure Of the Sources

Most of the jewelry dealers have set up websites and you have to ensure that they are genuine dealers. One of the best way to know if the dealer is a legit one is by checking the images that have been posted. Ensure that the site uploads original and clear photos and that they have the certificates to deal with the gold and the silver.

Identify The Return Policy

Any gold or silver ring that you are purchasing needs to have the return policy. The standard days to return the jewelry should be fourteen days and you should avoid companies that are hesitant to provide those days. When the company has a flexible return policy, you will have peace of mind knowing that after confirming that the jewelry is not genuine, then you can be easily compensated.

Scrutinize The Jewelry

Gold is among the precious stones that do not fade. Gold will stay for the longest time without losing their yellow color and they are denser as compared to the other precious metals. Ensure that you observe the gold ring and even touch it to confirm on the texture.

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Use the Logos of the Brands

You are likely to get the logos of the leading sellers in the market in the necklaces and the rings. It is important that you confirm the logos and the wordings to ensure that they are well written and within the appropriate fonts. The leading manufacturer will ensure that they stamp the serial number to the leading jewelry.

Get The Documents of the Ownership

Any receipts and the papers that you will be given to show ownership need to be of good quality and well written. Whenever you spot any spelling error or poor English, then you have the reasons to doubt the company selling the chains. Any genuine companies will strive to protect their brand by ensuring that they include the correct details in the documents.

One of the oldest ways to determine the original from fake chains is through the magnet test and you should ensure that you confirm it. A good reproach will help you to know the leading companies in your area and you should visit them to get the best deals.

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